Statement english

My paintings are created from an attempt to capture the unknown that moves our souls and to find the spirit within. My works are a reflection of the inner in the outer world. They are personal and contemplate the witnessed, experienced, remembered.
Perceived and transformed through the psychological and physical urge to express myself in this abstract form, my works emerge as a resonance. Unconscious becomes visible and manifests itself in colors, shapes, lines.
My works are never concerned with the figure itself but the fusion but with the entirety of what surrounds us.
My paintings are a result of the endeavor to capture everything that stirs our innermost. To this end, I apply layer upon layer until a complex piece emerges. These layers form an energetic embodiement that captures our innermost if we let allow it.
To allow this process of fusion and internalization -- to sincerely feel that we are a part of a greater whole -- it becomes necessary to enter a state that could be described as childlike: A complete detachment from our personal history, from thoughts, from memories, from things learned, from painful experiences and from all things that encumber.
This detachment, this early-childlikeness can be found in many of paintings in the form of lines -- in alleged "scribble", which contains a significant symbolic power for children and for me, as a painter, represents the absolute line in its most dominatingform.