About me and my art

" My paintings are created from an attempt to capture the unknown that moves our souls and to find the spirit within."

Anna Schueler born 1955, lives and works as a full-time artist in a small town in Germany. Painter and mixed media artist focused on abstract paintings, mixed media art and collages. She works with acrylics as well as oilpaint, which offers different options in the style of painting. She also loves to create digital artworks.
Her work is bold and colourful while retaining delicate markings and hazy backgrounds.

It is shown in solo and group exhibitions, including Art Fairs such as the Biennale Internationale, Florenz, Italy in 2005 and the Women`s Art Museum, Bonn, Germany in 2011.

Memberships: Association of Visual Artists BBK Germany

Solo and group shows national and international

Selected works published in The book of poems by Dimitri Dimitriadis/ Greece

Palette Art Magazine presents an article about her work in the November issue 2013.
Self pubished book ” Under Influence in 2013.
Since 2013 instructor on Artful Gathering

Since June 2014 regular features on Saatchi Online, among other things:
New Abstract Expressionists
Inside the studio April 2015
Artist of the day / Artist of the day 01 – 14 – 2015
Best of 2015

Since 2015 represented by “The Art Circuit” San Francisco / USA and on Image Conscious San Francisco / USA

New in 2016 teaching the certified Art Therapeutic Health Education at the Training Institute for Kreativity and Healing Pedagogics ALMA MATER